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Thanks for joining us. This is not a gouge site, so if you're in SUPT looking for good gouge, you've come to the wrong place. Sorry. You shouldn't be using gouge anyway...that's why they issued you that stack of pubs. This site is for our airplane, air show and plane-spotting photos and -- hopefully -- videos. Due to a serious on the job injury that took one of us out of action for a year, and because of "sequestration," we haven't been able to post anything since 2011. We do have some new stuff and we'll put it up as we download it. Check back regularly.


LAX Spotting (Only three images and we'll post more as we get them, but finally, a new category!)

Nellis AFB Air Show Aviation Nation 2011 Pics (Posted 11-28-11)

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Air Show Photography Tips (Posted 10-5-10)

Edwards and Miramar 2009 Air Show Pics (Posted 10-20-09)

Nellis AFB Air Show 2009 Pics (Posted 11-23-09)

Random Sightings (Updated 12-1-09)

A Bird's Eye View of Edwards AFB (Posted 11-25-09)

Cool Flight Suits and Jackets (Posted 12-24-09)

Bless 'Em All (Posted 1-7-10)


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Mast Head photo above a superb Lawn Dart shot from the Edwards 2006 air show by journal contributor Jared Hanawalt. Photo Copyright (c) 2006 by Jared Hanawalt. Used by permission.

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