Welcome. As usual, MCAS Miramar put on a superb show for 2010. A few unpleasant factors were beyond their control: unusually HOT weather for October, and a little too much fog and haze that made photography difficult, as you must shoot nearly into the sun from the public area on the flight line. But it was still a great show.

I present the photos I took on Saturday, October 2, 2010. I will do very little in the way of captioning and narration, as most viewers of air show pictures already know what they're looking at. The pictures are presented in the order in which I took them, so you are seeing the jets in the order in which they flew. As is my usual practice, I include no pictures of the Blue Angels. No disrespect to the Blues, whom I hold in the highest possible regard, but there are literally thousands of sites out there that feature pictures of the Blue Angels, Thunderbirds, and every other aerial acrobatic team, many of them superior to mine, so I will instead present pictures of the slightly lesser known aircraft and demo teams. After all, the key to success in any creative endeavor is to be original, so why should I do what so many else have done, right? So, anyway, here are my pictures and I hope you like them. Enjoy!

(Above) Air show fun: T-38 Dudes from Randolph enjoying the show.


(Above) Ah, yes...aerial refueling. Those Herk guys may be the least glamorous ones flying, but they are the most appreciated. Ask any pointy-nose jet dude.


(Above) Lookin' good!


(Above) Cobras, doing what they do best.


(Above) This was my first chance to see the CV-22 (or is it the MV-22?) in tactical action, as sopposed to the flight test demonstrations I'd seen at Edwards. This one was exiting the LZ after a simulated pickup and going for speed (note the gear coming up and rotors tilted forward). These look interesting as hell and I'd really like to take a ride in one.


(Above) Two CV-22s make a formation escape. Odd looking things from the rear, aren't they?


(Above) F/A-18.


(Above) F/A-18 second pass.


(Above) F/A-18 third pass. Note the vapor trails in this pass. Vapor trails always make for cool air show pictures, and are most often found at seaside bases or bases located in high humidity areas.


(Above) Explosions and smoke always do well at air shows. A simulated bomb run.


(Above) The smoke ring left by one of the explosions.


(Above) MH-53s. Is that the right designation? If not, someone let me know here.


(Above) The CV-22 returned for a simulated personnel pickup.


(Above) The demo team returns. F/A-18s in the break for landing.


(Above) The Herk in the break for landing. Yes, C-130s do overhead breaks, too.