Continuing with the show...


(Above) The USAF F-16 Demo Team was there.


(Above) Hmm...acrobatic flight in Class D airspace?


(Above) The F-16 again.


(Above) The F/A-18C ("C" is correct, right? If not, let me know here). According to the team narrator, the jet made the pass in transonic range, so the condensation we see around that aft portion might be due to a shock wave.


(Above) F/A-18C. Oh, condensed water vapor at Mach .08 is just so cool, isn't it?


(Above) F/A-18C.


(Above) F/A-18C.


(Above) The United States Marine Corps Heritage Flight. Take a good look, folks. You will hardly ever, and not too many more tiems in the future, see an F4U and an F/A-18C in the same formation. My hat is off to all who bring these aircraft together for these impressive aerial displays.


(Above) Heritage Flight take two.


(Above) As I note in the Air Show Photography Tips section on this web site, not all the good photos are in the air. Look around and you'll see plenty at eye level. This CV-22 had been towed with the rest of the aircraft not flying in the show to a remote corner of the flight line. Man, the wonders of a telephoto lens. Don't walk through these prop arcs!


(Above) Another ground shot of the CV-22. Man, these things really look impressive. I'd dearly love a ride in one. I'm very curious what they're like to fly.