Continuing with the show...


(Above) Now we get down to brass tacks. As I said, it isn't an air show without a Herk. Here we see Fat Albert, the Blue Angels' support aircraft, cranking prior to taxi. The Blues graciously allow their Herk guys to fly a demo of their own as part of the Blue Angels' show. My personal reason for enjoying the sight of this grand bird starting up is because there is nothing like the sound of an B, E, H, or T-model Herk with all four T-56 engines in normal ground idle and, in this case, mixed with the sweet smell of jet exhaust on the breeze. Oh, heck. If I have to explain, you wouldn't understand.


(Above) Fat Albert taxiing out for takeoff.


(Above) And as I said earlier, much of the action at an air show is on the ground. Like this F/A-18. The paint job. What the heck?


(Above) And I couldn't resist at least one fine art shot. The C-5.


(Above) And last but not least, one final Herk shot. The C-130J. You'll always see Herks at air shows and flying around generally for years to come. Remember this: when the last C-17 is flown to the boneyard, its crew will be ferried home in a C-130.

Well, folks, these are the printable shots I took of Miramar 2010. I hope you've enjoyed them. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to have better ones for the 2011 show. Hopefully I'll have that Nikkor 500mm lens by then. We'll see. Cheers to all!

Your friend,