Nellis AFB Air Show 2009

As usual, the Nellie air show this year was GREAT! My sincere thanks to Nellis AFB, the USAF Weapons School, and the USAF Air Combat Command for opening the base to us and putting on one of the best demonstrations I've ever seen!

I'm going to do this a bit different this year. Since most air show websites will be featuring the classic shots of jets flying by, I'm just going to post shots that I think are unique, unusual, or artistic. Whatever you may think of them, here they are. Enjoy!

(Above) The U.S. Forest Service provided the aircraft for the jumpers this year. A turboprop C-47. Hmm. What would Ernie Gann think of this?


(Above) The C-17 demo was, as usual, fantastic. The only better tactical airlifter is the Herk. Sorry if you C-17 dudes take exception, but I'm an old Herk dude. The following photos were from the C-17 demo.


(Above) The unique thing about the above photo is that the C-17 was backing up at the time. Impressive, but we in the 314th and 146th Airlift Wings were backing Herks up in the 1980s, and a gent next to me told me they were backing Herks during Vietnam. Nice try C-17 dudes, but been there, done that! Appreciated the show, though!


(Above) One thing I noticed during this air show season was that, on the west coast at least, they were sure interested in blowing things up. Most explosions I've seen at air shows in decades.

(Above) For you pointy nose jet guys, nothing beats a Rhino, and he put on a great demo. Note to Navy: despite what you might think, the F/A-18 Super Hornet is not the true Rhino. That name has been taken. Be original. Think up a new one!


(Above) The Heritage Flight this year was awesome. A Rhino, P-38, Hog, and F-86 in the same formation. Where are you going to see something like this again? Four generations of fighters represented in one flight. Thanks for the demo, guys. It was great!


(Above) The Heritage Flight again.


(Above) Okay, now for some shots on the ground. The Civil Air Patrol was well represented, and I want to take this opportunity to commend the Nellis Composite Squadron, Nevada Wing, CAP. This air show was the fourth time I've seen the Nellis squadron in action, and I must say that they are the sharpest looking unit I have ever seen in CAP. They never fail to look and act like the professional volunteers they are. In my opinion the rest of CAP should use this unit as an example. Not only do they look sharp, but they act sharp. These guys are true pros. To the rest of CAP, I have this to say: lose the stupid golf shirts, and let aircrew wear aircrew uniforms, ground team wear ground team uniforms, and admin wear admin uniforms, whether Air Force style or Corporate style, but let the members wear the uniform of their specialty, and not that of a golf team. CAP is the USAF Auxiliary, a group of professional volunteers, not a bunch of duffers. Please let them dress accordingly. Okay, I'm off my soap box. Carry on.


(Above) A T-38 from Beale AFB. Okay, look, Beale dudes, the Air Force I was in frowned on hands in pockets. I know the Air Force has further ruined the A-2 with those hand warmer pockets, but the least you could do is ignore them. Look alive, you guys.


(Above) Never let it be said we Herk dudes don't know how to enjoy an air show!


(Above) Ever have one of the text messages you just can't ignore? This pic is for those people who can't figure out what to do at an air show.


(Above) And last -- and best -- what's an air show without a Herk?


Folks, thanks for stopping by and looking at the photos. I hope to have some great ones for you next year. Ciaow!