Nellis AFB Air Show

Aviation Nation 2010


(Above) This was the Wyoming ANG C-130 that dropped the air force jump team that performed earlier in the show (and for some reason failed to get any pictures of). Don'tcha just love this? Herk, airliner, BUFF, and casinos. Vegas, baby!


(Above) The Wyoming ANG Herk on rollout.


(Above) And the Wyoming ANG Herk taxiing. Hey, what can say? I'm a Herk puke, remember?


(Above) An F/A-18 and wonderfully restored F6F Bearcat. This is part of the U.S. Navy Legacy Flight.


(Above) The Legacy Flight in the break.


(Above) In between flybys I seized the opportunity for a shot of the Thunderbrids, patiently awaiting their turn. Note the landing F/A-18 from the Legacy Flight on the right.


(Above) Yep, there's smoke, so it must be an air show. P-51s on the hammerhead awaiting takeoff. Forgive my shutter; their props were turning.


(Above) Alongside the P-51s were a P-40 and F-86. Beautifully restored, I might add.


(Above) The Legacy Flight taxiing to parking. Most of the aircraft taxied by the crowd...except the Herk, naturally. Bestidges.


(Above) Legacy Flight taxiing. See, I managed to hold one steady while I caught a turning prop.


(Above) Legacy Flight F6F Bearcat.


(Above) Legacy Flight F/A-18 taxiing.


(Above) The Legacy Flight F/A-18 taxiing to parking.


(Above) *Sigh* Jets and casinos. Does it get any better than this?