Nellis AFB Air Show

Aviation Nation 2011


(Above) The C-17 flyby. See? What'd I tell ya? That 500mm lens is almost too much lens! But I kind like getting up close and personal. Scroll on!

(Below) An oldie but goodie. It was nice to see a flyable T-33. For some reason, my autofocus system had the worst time of all with this jet. It wasn't the speed or the size; the only thing can figure was there was something about the color or paint job. So please excuse me if the pics aren't as numerous, closeup, or sharp as you'd like. I'll try again next year.

(Above) The T-33 was joined by an A-1 Skyraider and they made alternating passes. Pistons 'n jets. Nice combo.


(Above) Man, see what I mean about 500mm being too much lens? but too bad! I'm going to keep it!


(Above) See what I mean? No matter how hard I tried, my autofocus system just didn't like that T-33. I apologize for posting out-of-focus images, but it was either that or nothing. Better luck next year, right?