Random Sightings

I had gone a whole five days after the Nellie air show without looking at a jet and was ready for a fix, so I drove out to one of my favorite jet watching spots. If you take Highway 58 to the Twenty Mule Team Road exit west of Boron and park at some point just west of Edwards VOR (which is visible about a quarter mile south of the railroad tracks), and be patient, you'll be amazed at what you'll see. Most traffic at Eddie turns base-to-final over the VOR (unless they're in closed traffic), which is about 8 nm from the runways. Below is what one hour of patient waiting yielded. Had I stayed around another five minutes I would have gotten a T-38 (a white one, which is the color they should be). It was cool to get some inflight shots of the F-16 VISTA. Note: I am not a lawyer, so don't take this as solid legal advice, but if you're going to do some jet watching in this area, make sure you stay within the right-of-way of whatever public road you're on. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT try to take Rocket Site Road south of Twenty Mule Team Road for a better view. Once you turn off of Twenty Mule Team Road, you're on air force property, and trust me, the cameras won't go over too well with those folks. Best bet is to stay on a state or county road and do not step off the shoulder. Again, this is not solid legal advice, but as I understand it, as long as you're on public property you can point your camera at anything you want to. Make sure you check with a lawyer before you do so, however.

Anyway, enjoy the pics:


(Above) These photos taken on 11-20-09.


(Above) Aviation just seems to look so much better in the desert, doesn't it? Taken about 20 miles north of Mojave, California, on Highway 14, looking southeast towards Edwards AFB. 12-1-09.